“Looking for a new way to share information with parents?  Try using one of these power point presentations.  These presentations are all set up on a continuous loop and offer parents information on a variety of topics.  These can be playing prior to a student program or at an open house – just another way to provide families with information on the
important role they play in supporting their child’s education.”

  • Curriculum of Home (This presentation provides information on what families can do to support learning at home by offering simple suggestions such as establishing a family routine or monitoring out of school time.)
  • Did you know? (This presentation is filled with facts about reading and the effects of TV viewing on children.)
  • Math fun and facts (This presentation will get you thinking about how math is used every day – and some of the math facts will amaze you!)
  • Questions to ask after, “How was your day?” (Parents – and teachers- can feel frustrated in their attempts to communicate with children and young adults.  This presentation offers LOTS of other ideas on how to get the conversation started.)
  • College Preparation (It is never too early to start preparations!  This presentation is intended for middle school families to get them starting to think and plan for the future.)