The Common Sense Parenting Program was designed by Boys Town as a practical approach to help parents be more positive with their children and to use more effective discipline. All Classes run for 6 consecutive weeks for 2 hours per week.  To find class locations, dates, and registration information see the Common Sense Parenting Class Schedule.

Common Sense Parenting Classes are appropriate for parents with children ages 3 to adolescence.  To find out more about Common Sense Parenting, visit the Boys Town USA web site. Parenting Partners is a statewide network of Common Sense Parenting Trainers. This network is committed to providing ongoing parent training across South Dakota and is administered by the South Dakota State Department of Social Services.  If you would like to add a class to this schedule, please contact Darbi Hunt.
For parents with younger children younger than 3, please consider a Responsive Parenting Class.