The South Dakota Parent Resource Network has developed a variety of training opportunities for both families and educators. Each training emphasizes improving student achievement through effective parent engagement.

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Workshops and TrainingDescription
Building Capacity for Parent InvolvementData has proven that effective parent involvement can improve student academic achievement. Building Capacity for Parent Involvement is training designed to assist educators to develop positive and effective relationships with families in order to maximize the potential of parents as resources in their child’s education. Training is 2 – 3 hours in length.
Teachers Involving Parents in SchoolworkTeachers Involving Parents in Schoolwork (TIPS) is a training opportunity designed for educators. TIPS is an interactive homework program that requires students to talk to someone at home about what they are learning in school. Each TIPS sheet contains the following components: An example – showing what you are working on in school in a particular subject; an opportunity to practice or demonstrate the concept being taught; a ‘real-world’ example (where the parent helps to use or apply the skill to life outside of school) and an opportunity for meaningful home/school communication. Participants receive a CD with over 500 prototype activities for student’s grades K-8th grades. The TIPS program was designed by the National Network of Partnership Schools at John’s Hopkins University .
Educators and Families
Solid FoundationSolid Foundation is a web-based process that guides a school team through 10 efficient and effective steps to:

  • Assess the school community’s strengths and areas for improvement (including a review of Title I requirements for parent involvement.)
  • Develop a two-year plan
  • Implement the plan with abundant resources

Solid Foundation is evidence-based and designed to:

  • Strengthen family-school connections.
  • Engage parents in children’s learning
  • Improve student academic and social learning.

The Solid Foundation process is directed by the principal and a school team (a school-based team that include the principal, educator and parent representatives.)
Staff from the South Dakota Parent Information and Resource Center acts as an External Partner and assist in facilitating the process.

Family Friendly Walk ThroughThe Family Friendly Walk-Through is a process to:

  • Examine how inviting the school appears to families and the local community
  • Consider strategies that will make the school more inviting and welcoming to families and community members.
  • Assist in evaluating the implementation of Title I parent involvement requirements
  • Increase parent involvement

This process involves the principal and a team of parent and educator representatives and takes 3-4 hours.

Be the Power in the Education of Your ChildParent’s are their child’s first and most important teacher! Most parents want to be involved in their child’s education but do not know what to do or how to go about it. “Be the Power in the Education of Your Child” provides parents with information on how to help their child to be successful in school. Training is 1 – 1½ hours in length.
A Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Supplemental Educational Service ProviderOne of the opportunities provided to families under the No Child Left Behind Act is the ability to select a Supplemental Educational Services provider for their child. This training provides an explanation of Supplemental Educational Services, informs parents as to how providers are selected and the types of providers available to them in South Dakota . This training is recommended for schools or districts in level 2 of school improvement. Training is 1-1½ hours in length.
A Parent’s Guide to the No Child Left Behind ActThis training provides information to families on the basics of the No Child Left Behind Act. General information on the requirements is provided. This training can easily be used as an introduction for districts and schools as they present assessment data to the community. Training is 1 hour in length.
A Parent’s Guide to Reading and/or Mathematics Math StandardsWhat are content standards? Who developed them and why? This training for parents helps to answer these questions and more. Parents are provided with information on the reading and/or mathematics standards including how a standard might be taught in a classroom. Training is 1-1 ½ hours in length.
Understanding Standards and AssessmentsSection 1118 states that parents are to be provided with information that will assist them to understand topics such as the state’s content standards and the state and local academic assessments. This training will fulfill these requirements. Parents are provided with information on the need for standards and how the standards were developed. Participants will see some of the SD DOE math and reading content standards. Information on the Dakota STEP and other assessments is also provided. Training is 1-1½ hours in length.
Building Bridges between Home and School through Educational PartnershipsWhen families and schools work together, children do better in school.  This workshop offers ideas and tools for families to build effective partnership with their child’s teacher.  Children benefit when all those who are key to their success are on the same team!  This workshop discusses foundational principles for effective partnerships keeping the main goal in mind – student success.