South Dakota Parent Information and Resource Center has a variety of workshops and programs for parents and educators.

Links to sites about Parent Involvement
Eric The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a federally funded, nationwide information network designed to provide people with ready access to education literature
National Association for the Education of Young Children Dedicated to improving the quality of services for young children and their families
Natina Council of LaRaza Works to build community-school education collaborative, strengthen the quality of education for Hispanics, and effectively involve Hispanic families in their children’s education
National Drop Out Prevention Center at Clemson University Committed to meeting the needs of at-risk youth by ensuring that all youth receive the quality of education to which they are entitled
Parent Teacher Association Assist parents in developing the skills they need to become involved in the public schools
National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education Promotes family-school partnerships in every school in America
National Network of Partnership Schools Provides services to parents on a national level
National Education Association National Association supporting educators
Department of Education Publications United States Department of Education publications clearinghouse
National Institute for Literacy Independent federal agency administered by the Secretaries of Labor, Education and health and Human Services whose purpose is to move the nation twoard a 100% literacy rate.
National Middle School Association Association of teachers, parents, administrators and community members interested in young adolescents’ educational experiences
AARP Grandparent Information Center Provides information and resources to help grandparents who are raising their grandchildren cope with primary care giver roles
ASPIRA Association, Inc. Promotes youth leadership and education
Academy for Educational Development Schools and Community Services Develops partnerships between schools, families, and communities through designing, implementing and evaluating programs that foster such partnerships
Active Parenting Publishing company to produce videos and materials for professionals in parent education, parent involvement and self-esteem for children
Center for the Improvement of Child Caring Provides information on parenting and parenting education organizations
Center for Law and Education Provides leadership on improving the quality of public education for low-income students and assist low-income communities in addressing their public education problems effectively
Family Education Company Dedicated to helping parents help their children learn
Families and Advocates Partnerships for Education Increase the involvement of parents and advocates in programs that positively impact results for children with disabilities
Institute for Educational Leadership Fosters multi-sector collaborations, coalitions and partnerships that involve educators, human and health services providers, government officials, policy makers, and corporate and foundation leaders
Parents for Public Schools Committed to restoring and sustaining productive family involvement and community-wide support of public education.
Parents as Teachers National Center Committed to the development, promotion and evaluation of policies that support education through the earliest years of life.
New Horizons for Learning Promotes the use of computer technology in education
MegaSkills Education Center National training initiative that focuses on parental involvement and the family’s educational role
Public Education Network Committed to achieving quality public education for all children, especially the disadvantaged
RMC Research Corporation Providers of research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance for education and human service agencies at the Federal, State, and local levels.

Parenting and Other Information for Families